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July 24-28 2024

Join us on this winter escape to stoke your inner flame, break free from dullness and stagnancy, and transform from surviving to thriving!

Are you deeply passionate about life, and can feel there is more of it to be lived? Are you just not satisfied with what most accept as ‘normal’ and know deep down that there is so much more joy and abundance to be experienced? 

If you’re ready to light up the spark of your own life and create the existence you want to live, then join us at REIGNITE, where you can deep-dive into your own wellbeing journey and learn physical, spiritual, and mental practices that light a lasting fire.

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit “Yuj'' which means to unite or join together. It recognises the importance of stitching together all the pieces of ourselves to create the whole; not only recognising, but celebrating, the interconnectedness of our beings and taking back the autonomy to create a life of vibrancy and health. We are here to help you take back the reins of your life and nourish all the parts of yourself that you've forgotten.

5 Day/4 Night Yoga & Wellbeing Retreat

Join us in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland for this blissful 5-day retreat. Together, we will explore the 5 CORE PILLARS OF HEALTH to activate wellness and integrate vitality into your daily life:


  • Movement 

  • Nutrition

  • Sunlight

  • Deep Rest 

  • & Social Connection 


Inspired by these 5 core pillars, REIGNITE includes a diverse range of practices and modalities to nourish every part of your being and build a comprehensive toolkit to integrate physical, spiritual, and mental wellness into your daily life! 

Rhyannon P.

"Hayley is the most kind, caring and supportive facilitator, and I felt incredibly privileged to be a part of her retreat. I appreciated Hayley’s energy and felt she invested time, energy and care into ensuring everyone felt included and supported."

Rebecca C.

“I walked away wishing I didn't have to leave. The strength and support I experienced during these retreats is like nothing I have ever received before.”

Emma P.

"Thank you, Hayley, for creating an environment where balance and self-discovery flourish. You are truly special, and I am incredibly grateful to know you in this lifetime."

Feeling stuck, stagnant or dull? Get ready to REIGNITE!

At REIGNITE, you’re going to experience all the incredible ways you can grow, heal and evolve. You’re going to see what’s really possible with your own eyes, to experience powerful practices that create positive change, and be empowered to carry this knowledge beyond our time together and weave it into your own life. 


We are here to guide you as you connect with your inner self and ask: What is truly important to you in this life? 


We are here to help you see that you can bring limitless joy and vibrancy into your life, that you don’t need to settle for average or subpar, not in your physical health, your relationships, career, or in any aspect of your life. You’re going to learn practices that connect you with the deepest parts of yourself, and bring healing and love to these divine places. You’re going to brighten the sacred light within you, and remember that you deserve every beautiful thing you wish to call into your life. 

REIGNITE with us over 5-days in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland, and take this crucial first step in manifesting everything you desire:


  • Daily yoga, restorative practices, and mobility workshops so you can explore health through movement and body connection.

  • Daily breath work & meditation for an integrated approach to your mental and physical healing.

  • Ice bath & sauna for hot/cold exposure sessions, including guided breathwork, so you can improve your body’s stress response and create long-lasting vitality. 

  • Magnesium Pool for deep mineral nourishment and relaxation.

  • Gourmet seasonal breakfasts, lunches, and evening meals prepared onsite by award-winning chef Sammy Kerse to nourish your body and cultivate your earth-body connection. 

  • Fermented food workshop, so you can take control of your nutrition beyond your retreat and into your daily life.

  • Outdoor immersion activities to realign your body with the earth and cultivate a deeper spiritual and physical connection with nature.

  • Fire ceremony, for deep spiritual connection with yourself, the elements, and the divine. 

  • Sound healing ceremony, so you can restore mental health and vitality and heal your body, mind & spirit. 

  • Plenty of free time, so you can restore your body and nervous system with retreat & rest, or use it to explore the abundance of nature trails, onsite dam and creek.

  • Community connection! Make new friends and connect with other life-passionate people, so you can surround yourself with people who inspire and champion your own healing journey.

  • Post-retreat Integration Sessions: Join us for 3 Free Online Integration Sessions so you can nurture the growth within you and continue to integrate positive change in your life. 

  • Lots of amazing extras to continue your journey beyond your retreat!

five day holistic wellness retreat
five day holistic wellness retreat
five day holistic wellness retreat


Get 15% Off

Book with a friend and you will both receive 15% off your chosen pricing package!

Join Hayley Wanders and Cara Szabo for this 5-day total reset and create long-lasting change in your life!

Imagine you wake up everyday excited, grateful, and energized. You feel healthy, vibrant, and aligned. You have a deep understanding of your inner-self, and know that today, and everyday, you are taking time to give your body, mind and soul the nourishment and love they need to thrive. You enjoy daily wellbeing practices that work for you, moving you closer everyday to the person you want to be. This is what it feels like to Reignite.


  • You easily and gratefully make time to care for yourself and do the things you love doing. 


  • You sleep better, eat better, and make conscious choices to improve your mood, energy, and overall health. 


  • You’re connected to your inner-self and know that when you make decisions in your life, you’re doing so from a place of authenticity. 


  • Because you’re more deeply connected with yourself, you’re able to connect more deeply with your loved ones. 


  • You seek out new ways to bring more joy, wellbeing, and vitality into your life, and choose practices and activities that align with you. 


  • You feel part of your community, and surround yourself with people who bring love and positivity into your life.


  • You don’t let what’s ‘normal’ or ‘expected’ cloud your judgment; you make choices based on self-awareness and intuition.


  • You feel optimistic, joyful, and excited about life!


This is what it feels like when you come into alignment with your own inner light. 

DSC02191 2.JPG

Wondering if this retreat is for you?

Life is busy and you're probably required to take on many roles at once, each with an exhaustive list of responsibilities. It can be easy to slip into the place of prioritising all of those responsibilities first, and as a result your own well-being takes second stage. Maybe you've been feeling dull, stagnant or stuck in some parts of your life and yet you can feel this deep knowing in you that there is more to life, but you’re not sure how to make it happen. Maybe you’ve tried supplements, subscriptions or courses, but they haven’t worked as well as you hoped, leaving you feeling frustrated and despondent.

We understand, we've been there too. We are bombarded with so many different products and pathways that we're told will fix this or that, but we've realised that some of those most powerful tools are the simplest and easiest to implement.


Do you feel disconnected from who you really are, and feel like you’re not showing up for yourself in the ways you know you should?


Do you wish you could learn simple, powerful healing practices that cost you almost nothing and are easy to implement into your daily life?


Do you know how you want to live and who you want to be, but you don’t know how to reach these goals?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we want to help you reconnect to your spark and find more vibrancy and joy in your life!


Until we take back the reins of our own life and prioritize our wellbeing, it can be almost impossible to break the repetitive and unhealthy cycles we find ourselves stuck in. And the longer we’re stuck in them, the harder it gets to step out of disconnection and dullness and find the vitality and wellbeing we all deserve. 


I can almost guarantee that the main difference between the people you see doing all the things you wish you were and you is that they took the leap of faith and decided to act. Choosing to invest in yourself from the inside out is an act of rebellion in a society that wants us to believe we are just one product away from happiness. But this approach of treating from the outside will always leave us unfulfilled, masking symptoms without treating the root of our unrest. 


That’s why we created REIGNITE, our 5-day retreat to reconnect to all the things that are most important to you, learn how to prioritize these parts of yourself, and create long-lasting self-connection, vibrancy and joy


Are you ready to REIGNITE?


REIGNITE is a culmination of 15+ years experience from two women who have dedicated their lives to bringing healing, growth, and authentic living to themselves and their community. It is a chance to cut through the ceaseless noise of quick-fixes and healing hacks, and instead learn powerful, simple, healing and growth practices that don’t require you to keep reaching for your wallet. 


After years of learning, trialing, and curating, we've created this retreat to bring you the proven wellness tools we’ve learned, so you can break free from dullness, stagnancy, and destructive habits, and instead learn powerful, science-backed, spiritual and physical practices to have you feeling alive and excited to greet each day. 


REIGNITE practices are carefully curated to be easy to learn and implement, low-cost, and time-efficient, so you can easily integrate them into your daily routine. Over 5 days, you will be guided through multiple practices that align with the 5 CORE PILLARS OF HEALTH, so you can bring healing and growth to all facets of your being, and create a baseline of integrated health upon which you can continue to build your dream life. 


Integration is a key theme of your retreat. You’re not just rekindling the spark in your life, you’re getting that fire burning so hot it never goes out. 


That’s why your REIGNITE experience doesn’t end when you head home after a blissful and nourishing 5 days. After the retreat, we’ll be hosting 3 FREE ONLINE INTEGRATION SESSIONS to support and guide you while you build your new practices into your daily routine. 


Join Hayley Wanders, Cara Szabo, and all the new friends you made during our time together for these check-in sessions. These gatherings will include live meditation and breathwork to reconnect with the magic we experienced on retreat, as well as time to share your successes and experiences, ask questions, and be supported by your nurturing and like-minded community. We can’t wait to hear about all the changes that you feel when you return home!


And that’s not all that’s included. If you join today, you’ll also receive…


  • Exclusive 3-part Hayley Wanders Yoga Video Series! 


  • Exclusive 3-part movement video series with Cara Szabo! 


  • Exclusive recipes from award-winning chef Sammy Kerse! 


  • Our REIGNITE resource kit! 


  • Exclusive discount on your next retreat! 


  • 3 Post Retreat Online Integration Sessions 


  • Access to the exclusive Hayley Wanders Online Community! 


Sign up today to secure your place on our 5-day retreat, and you’ll also receive all these incredible gifts. Each gift is specially crafted to help you weave everything you experience on retreat into your daily routine, so you can create long lasting joy, positivity, and growth in your life!

BRING A FRIEND Discount! Join Reignite with a friend and help each other stay accountable when you return home.


Sign up together and you both receive 15% off!


Where we choose to do our deep healing work plays a major role in creating the ideal energetic container, and there is no better place to connect with ourselves and the land than Wybalena Organic Farm


Wybalena (which means “resting place” or “refuge”) is an 170-acre purpose-built sanctuary set amongst the lush hinterland of Byron Bay. The venue includes: 


  • A large, beautiful yoga shala overlooking the valley. 

  • Infrared sauna. 

  • Magnesium pool. 

  • Nature trails, a dam and creek to explore.

  • A large outdoor fire pit to gather around in ceremony during cool winter nights. 


Wybalena is committed to sustainability and regeneration, intentions that are very important to us as we gather for retreat. They are a fully-certified organic farm, operating without the use of any chemicals, pesticides or artificial fertilizers. They have significant renewable energy systems and only use eco-friendly, organic products to minimize their impact on the land. 


As soon as you arrive at Wybelena, you will feel the incredible wash of peace and calm surrounding you. Join REIGNITE, and experience the 170-acres of unmatched beauty and calm this unique venue has to offer.


Join Hayley Wanders and Cara Szabo at this beautiful, energetic, hinterland venue for 5-days of healing, community, nature, and integrated wellness.



Everyday on retreat will look a little different but here is a sample schedule to give you an idea of what you can expect:

6:30am: Sunrise meditation

7:15am: Tea/Coffee & Light Breakfast Available

7:45am - 09:30am: Morning practice (Yang/Energising)

9:30am: Tea/Coffee & Light Breakfast Available

10:00-12:00pm: Workshop/Activity or Free Time

12:00pm: Lunch

1:00pm - 1:45pm Yoga Nidra/Silent Time/Guided Journaling

2:00pm - 4:00pm: Free Time or Workshop/Activity

4:00pm - 5:30pm: Evening Practice (Yin/Restorative)

6:00pm: Dinner

7:00pm: Connection Activity (Every other day)

Christian N.

“Cara brings something new and challenging to every class. The amount of effort she puts into preparation and instruction is second to none.”

Jaz W.

Cara’s classes are well balanced with plenty of modifications for every level. Beautiful sequencing and energy too.”

Tom P.

“Cara’s class was one of the best classes I have been to in my entire life.”


Hayley Wanders

Hi! I’m Hayley Wanders. I am a 500-hour yoga teacher with a decade of teaching experience, including facilitating international retreats, workshops, and teacher-trainings. I am deeply passionate about the intersection of science and spirituality, where two seemingly polarized worlds collide. 


10 years ago, I began my personal healing transformation when I signed up for a 200-hour yoga teacher course in India. I didn’t know it then, but it was the beginning of a whirlwind journey that would take me around the world, learning other yoga practices like Advanced Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative, and also diving deep into many other modalities including Feminine Embodiment Mentorship, Meditation, Chinese Medicine, and Tantra. 



8th march-7.JPEG

It wasn’t until I was deeply immersed in my own journey that I began to understand an important truth: how we show up on our mat reflects how we show up in the world. This realization sparked a fire in me, driving a deep thirst for understanding the inner worlds that exist beneath our skin, the worlds that dictate so much of our daily habits, attitudes, and beliefs. By exploring, learning, and nurturing these inner worlds, we deepen our connection to our body and our spirit, and become more empowered to care for ourselves. By caring for ourselves, we become more empowered to care for others and for the world. 


Over a decade, I have studied and implemented a diverse range of practices and modalities to connect with and nurture my inner world, and in doing so have brought healing, growth, and immense joy into my life. I am deeply passionate about sharing all that I have learned, to empower others the way I have been empowered, and to create a collective movement of connected, spiritual, and growth-minded humans. 


Every aspect of my work is inspired by this mind–body–soul connection, because nurturing this connection is how we nurture ourselves. I am dedicated to bringing healing, love, and growth to my community through understanding and connecting with our inner selves and nourishing them with everything they need to shine brightly into our external world. 

Cara Szabo

Hi! I’m Cara Szabo. My journey with yoga began during my time at the New Zealand School of Dance. Throughout my dance training and career, I used yoga not only to strengthen my body but also as a vital tool for my emotional and mental well-being. During many moments of challenge and intensity I faced while dancing professionally, yoga helped me to better understand myself, and to develop more compassion for myself and others.


The value and growth I gained through yoga led me to deepen my relationship with this incredible practice, and in 2020 I completed my 200hr yoga teacher training. Since becoming a professional yoga instructor, I have become incredibly passionate about sharing the connection between yoga, self-discovery, and the potential for transformation.


An equally important part of my own journey has been the knowledge I have gained through my experiences of ill-health and recovery. In-depth study and trialing of different practices has equipped me with valuable insights into creating, maintaining and enhancing vitality and wellness. Forever a student in this field, I continue to dedicate myself to learning how to live in thriving health, rather than just surviving. My curated daily practices reflect my belief that true health encompasses physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. I can’t wait to share this knowledge and journey with you. 

Sammy Kerse

With ten years experience as a professional chef working in restaurants and the super yacht industry, Chef Sammy has shifted her focus in recent years from extravagant fine-dining menus to more sustainable and nutritious ingredients as she developed a keen interest in health and well-being: She has now developed a career that not only feeds people but helps her clients to achieve holistic wellness.


In recent years Sammy began her undergraduate degree in Psychology as a means to better understand the way that people eat and take care of their bodies. Her goal is to one-day work as a health professional with a holistic approach encompassing both her passion for food and her desire to ameliorate the lives of others. The mind body connection is Sammy’s personal interest and this has led to knowledge and skills around diet and how gut health can impact or mental state. She now works as a personal chef preparing healthy meals in her clients homes and offering her culinary delights to yoga retreats and wellness events alongside her studies.

Sammy will be offering insights into gut-health and anti-inflammation through her carefully crafted menu's. Not only will she be keeping us nourished with light seasonal meals throughout your stay, she will also be hosting a fermented foods workshop complete with recipes and live demonstrations for you to have the opportunity to take her nourishing energy home with you.

Create change that lasts!

We are deeply passionate about lighting your inner spark, but even more passionate about using that spark to create lasting change. And that’s why your Reignite experience doesn’t end on the last day of your blissful 5 day retreat. You will receive continued support and inspiration once you return home:


  • Exclusive 3-part Hayley Wanders yoga video series! ($100 value) Continue your journey with this exclusive 3-part video series. Bring your new practice into your backyard or living room, and build movement into your daily routine!


  • Exclusive 3-part video series with Cara Szabo! ($100 value) Experience Cara Szabo’s incredible classes anytime with this exclusive 3-part series, designed to help you continue your journey and create a long-lasting movement practice.


  • Exclusive Reignite recipes from award-winning chef Sammy Kerse! ($35 value) You won’t just get to experience Sammy’s incredible cooking, you get to bring it home with you! Experience gourmet food from an award-winning chef, and then savor the experience all over again in your own kitchen!


  • Our REIGNITE resource kit! ($100 value) Learn the science behind the proven practices you’ll experience on your retreat with this comprehensive list of our favorite integrated wellbeing resources! Hear what leading experts are saying about powerful practices like meditation, breathwork, hot/cold exposure, and more!


  • Exclusive discount on your next retreat! ($250 (approx) value) Join REIGNITE and receive an exclusive 10% discount on your next Hayley Wanders retreat! Valid for any future retreat with no hidden conditions. Use it next year or next decade, I don’t mind!


  • 3 Post Retreat Online Integration Sessions ( $300 value) Specially designed to support and guide you while you build your new practices into your daily routine, Cara Szabo and I will be hosting 3 free online gatherings, 1, 3 & 5 months after your retreat. Join us for live meditation, breathwork, and circle, reconnect with the magic you will experience on your retreat, and share your journey with your Reignite community. 


  • Access to the exclusive Hayley Wanders Online Community! (Priceless!) Join an exclusive community of wellbeing warriors online, share your wellness journey with like-minded and supportive individuals, and experience the love and deep connection of the Hayley Wanders Online Community 


Join us and you’ll also receive each of these incredible gifts (total value $885), specially curated to help you integrate all the practices you experience on retreat and incorporate them into your life!


 Pricing is in AUD however $500 deposit required to book is charged in USD, remainder of payment due 90 days prior to retreat. If cancelled minimum 90 days prior, deposit may be transferred to a retreat in the future. 



Where exactly is Reignite located?


Reignite is located at Wybalena Organic Farm, close to the beautiful New South Wales town of Mullumbimby, in the lush, Byron Bay hinterland. 


Is transport from airports included?


Transport is not included as part of your retreat payment. However, if you would like to organize a rideshare with another retreat guest, I am happy to help you facilitate this. Wybalena is approximately 35-minutes by car from Gold Coast Airport, 40-minutes from Ballina Airport, or 2-hours from Brisbane.


Are yoga props included?


Yes. We’ll provide blocks, straps and yoga mats, however, we recommend bringing your own mat for a more comfortable experience. 


Is there free time during the retreat?


Every retreat needs ample time for you to do just that: retreat. There is free time every day for you to spend however you want, and many quiet and cozy nooks around the retreat grounds for you to enjoy peace, quiet and relaxation. Or you can use your free time to explore nearby hikes and beaches, or the beautiful town of Mullumbimby or Byron Bay just a short drive away.


Do I need to be advanced at yoga to attend?


All levels are welcome! While some classes will be more challenging than others, there are a wide variety of yoga practices on offer, with modifications available in every class to cater for beginners and experts alike. 


Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?


Our award-winning chef Sammy can accommodate all dietary restrictions. Just let us know when you book! 


I am coming with a friend, how do we claim the Bring a Friend Discount?


That’s great! Once you’ve paid your deposit, DM or email with your friend’s name to secure your discount! 


Are payment plans available?


Absolutely! We want retreats to be accessible to everyone, and payment plans are available for anyone who needs one. Just DM me, or send me an email at, and we can set one up for you.


When do I receive the bonus gifts?


The bonus gifts you’ll receive as part of your experience are specially curated to aid your integration process after your retreat. So you’ll receive most of these bonuses once the retreat ends. However, the Reignite resource kit is designed to get you prepared and excited for your retreat, so this will be made available to you immediately after booking. You’ll also be given access to the Hayley Wanders Online Community straight away.


What if I can’t attend one of the Online Integration Workshops?


All workshops will be recorded, so if for some reason you can’t attend, you can catch-up on anything you missed! 


My question isn’t on this list?


No problem! Send me an email at, and I’ll get back to you!

Who is REIGNITE really for?

By now you’ve probably realized why reigniting your spark for life and integrating wellness into your daily routine is extremely important. We know it can feel hard to take the leap and prioritize our own wellbeing, but there are so many reasons why it’s the most important thing we can do.


Choosing to put yourself first is not always easy, but walking the easy path often creates more hardship for us further down the line. Taking that first step is often the hardest part of all, but the more we practice prioritizing ourselves, the easier it becomes to do it. 


On the other hand, the longer we remain disconnected from ourselves, our community, and our environment, the harder it gets to create healthier change in our lives


Being disconnected causes us to procrastinate our healing, to tell ourselves tomorrow, next week, next month, to believe we don’t deserve to put ourselves first. 


But the truth is, if you don’t prioritize your own wellbeing, you can’t effectively be of service to yourself or to others. 


When we connect with our inner selves, when we connect to more joy, more vibrancy, more authenticity, we raise our frequency, and we create a positive feedback loop that draws even more of these things into our lives. Without this, we find ourselves constantly striving to leap high without solid ground to launch from. But we will never reach our full potential without properly setting ourselves up for success.


A plant needs rich, nourishing soil to grow. A building needs strong foundations to weather a storm. 


REIGNITE is your opportunity to enrich your soil and lay your own unshakeable foundations. Using the 5 core pillars of health, you will explore powerful, simple practices that are easily integrated into your daily routine, giving you everything you need to establish your own life-changing wellness habits. And with 3 free online integration sessions included, you’re getting all the tools and community support you need to create long-lasting health, joy and vitality in your life! 

— Tennielle O.C, Functional Health Coach & Founder of How Cool's Health

“Hayley is one of the most instinctively creative people I have ever met, a weaver of energy; mind, body and spirit. Hayley invites all she meets to show up with their light and shine it into the world, breaking down walls and allowing it to brighten. She is a truly divine human being and I am blessed to have arrived on the earth at the same time as her.”
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