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Dec. 29 2024 - Jan. 3 2025

Join us for a transformational NYE Retreat to reflect on the year that has passed, take time to pause and celebrate the unique moment you live within and call in all you desire for the year ahead!


Are you ready to awaken the powerful and wild feminine energy that is your birthright? Do you want to learn more about how you are impacted by the energies of the universe and the planets? Do you want to find a tribe of women who are there to support and celebrate you for all that you are? Do you want to enter the New Year feeling inspired and ALIGN with your true purpose?

Join Hayley & Bex (@Cosmic_Cures) for this 6 day Women's Retreat. Deep dive into yoga, meditation, breath work & somatic sessions, so you can align with YOUR purpose and connect to the vibrations of your inner landscape. Enjoy daily astrology check ins & individualised birth chart readings to connect with the rhythms of the universe around you. Plant seeds of intention to flourish in the new year with guided journaling sessions and manifestation workshops by the beach. Gather with the energy of the New Moon in Capricorn and the dawn of a new year ahead to set intentions at this potent time in order to manifest your authentic and aligned self for the year ahead.


We can't wait to share this magical week with you in paradise! We have both felt the powerful healing energy that this place holds, made even more impactful by the people we experience it with. 

Everything in this world is energy. 
Prana, the life-force that pulses within each of us, also flows through the oceans around us, the earth below us, and the great cosmos above us. You too are intrinsically woven into this vast tapestry of life, and so the universe responds to the frequency you emit into the world.

Simply put, you attract what you send out. Tuning into your unique frequency, and shifting this frequency to emit joy, love and abundance, will naturally call more of these things into your life. When you ALIGN with your divine purpose and path, all that is meant for you will be drawn into your orbit.



"All I can say is WOW. My birth chart reading was bang on, it's blown me away. Bex has given me so much guidance for the future, I already can't wait for the next reading with her." 

— Anna C.


"I came back from my recent retreat with deep feelings of gratitude and can't help but think that if every woman had a chance to go through this experience, the world would be a different place. The yoga practices, workshops, activities all made me grow and proud to be WOMAN! Such a powerful experience, such beauty that words cannot explain."

— Emma P.


First, let's look at what ALIGNMENT means..."a position of agreement or alliance, an arrangement of groups or forces in relation to one another". 

Have you ever felt that you can't express what is truly alive for you in the moment? Do you wish for a community of people who share similar values and a passion for life? Do you sometimes feel as if the universe keeps putting roadblocks in your path or that you are coming up against resistance ?

When you ALIGN with your authentic self, getting clear on what you want in your life and culitvating the deep belief that you are deserving of these dreams you will move through life as an embodied and confident woman. A woman who knows who she is at her core and feels comfortable expressing her opinions and ideas. A woman who is connected to her Divine Feminine and knows how to access this powerful energy to create deeper connection to herself, to her family and to her purpose in life. 

A woman who moves through life in ALIGNMENT has a magnetism to her, she will attract more and more abundance into her life simply by living her truth and naturally drawing the right people and experiences into her orbit. She is a force, powerful and strong but simultaneously soft and intuitive. She isn't afraid to embody the fullest expression of every facet of herself. 

But the next question is how do you get there? How do you come into this place of ALIGNMENT so you can start to call in all the abundance that you deserve?

This is why we've created the ALIGN retreat. Join us for a transformative week in paradise and engage in a variety of practices and workshops to bring you into this state of cohesion.  Not only will you get to have a luxurious vacation with a tribe of women who will become lifelong friends but you will also gain a deeper insight into yourself and how to weave this energy into your life back home. Enter into the new year in ALIGNMENT and feel empowered to stick to the path!




Enjoy 2x daily yoga classes with senior teacher Hayley in the stunning open air yoga shala looking out over the shimmering Arabian Sea. Morning classes will be invigorating Solar Vinyasa practices to open both the body and mind and prepare yourself for the day ahead. Evening classes will include a variety of Lunar practices including Yoga Nidra, Yin, and Sound Baths to transition into a parasympathetic state and prepare the boy for a restful night sleep. 


Each morning will begin with a sunrise meditation and breath work session to connect with your inner self. Tune into the whispers of your inner world and the divine messages waiting there for you. Although retreats are full of activities and workshops that invite playfulness and connection, it is also important to honour the "retreat" aspect, carving out time each day to go within and just be with the intimacy of your own breath and body, tuning into how to nourish yourself in the day to come.


What would life be like if we checked the daily astrology like we did the weather? Rather than know if we’d need an umbrella or SPF, we’d gain cosmic clarity on whether it was a good day to rest and recuperate, hang out with friends, listen to our intuition, or focus on our long-term ambitions. In these optional daily workshops professional astrologer Bex will lead you through working with the lunar flow for better emotional connection, how to use Jupiter and Venus when planning your love life, and Saturn’s role in taking responsibility for your dreams. You’ll gain the tools to help you align yourself with the cosmos by assessing planetary movements and engaging in self-developmental journaling practices!


When we live an embodied life, we allow our external self to be a mirror of our internal self, and share ourselves authentically and confidently with the world. To create this reflection, we must first connect with the our deepest desires driven by our Divine Feminine, our Shakti Power. Through embodied movement & ecstatic dance, sacred sharing circles and somatic exercises, you will explore all the sides of your wild feminine nature, and connect with your deepest desires so you can live a truly embodied life.  




Birth chart readings are an incredible way to understand yourself on a deep, intuitive level. These 1:1 sessions are a cosmic deep-dive into your personal natal chart, helping you discover your star-given skills, hidden talents, points of pain or lower confidence, and how to work with your cosmic blueprint to embrace self-empowerment. You’ll also get the chance to consult a transit chart and utilise predictive astrology to help you discover what's coming up for you in the stars, so you can be aware of what opportunities to grab and what challenges might be approaching.


Celebrate the New Year in sacred space with a group of women who will feel like friends you have known for lifetimes. Begin your evening with a heart-opening cacao ceremony and intention setting, followed by an exhilarating night of special celebrations (with some exciting surprises we can't wait to share with you)!


Amongst all the transformative practices you will experience, there will be plenty of time carved out to simply enjoy the stunning surrounds of Bamboo Resort. In your free time you can lounge on sun chairs at the beach with your favourite book, or hang out in your hammock on your ocean-view front porch. Cleanse yourself with an ocean swim or ground your energy with a walk through the jungle. You can even book in for some extra relaxation with onsite massage and treatments available. 


South Goa has an abundance of activities and areas that are fun to explore, and although Bamboo Retreat has everything you need for a lush holiday by the beach, it is also nice to visit the surrounding areas and get a taste for this pocket of Indian paradise. There will be two optional excursions included in this retreat, which will be finalised closer to the date. (Examples: Dolphin Boat Trip, Waterfall Hike, Cooking Class, Etc.)


The highly trained and passionate chefs at Bamboo Retreat focus on healthy, locally-sourced food, using predominantly organic and local ingredients. Enjoy daily vegetarian brunch and dinner, plus freshly squeezed juice and fruit for an early breakfast and afternoon snacks and chai. Coffee and teas available at all times. Brunches include homemade yoghurt, local Goan breads, eggs, and muesli, along with Indian-inspired vegetable dishes and salads. Dinners include a variety of delicious Indian and Asian dishes and salads. For those seeking non-vegetarian options, chicken or fresh, sustainably caught fish or seafood can be included for a small extra cost. There will also be one meal planned at a local restaurant (paid by guest) for you to experience the flavour and richness of world-famous Goan cuisine. 



ALIGN: Bringing in the New Year with Intention

7:30am: Sunrise Meditation

8:15am: Coffee/Tea/Fruit Break

8:45am - 10:00am: Morning Practice (Yang/Energising)

10:30am: Brunch

11:30am-12:30pm:Beachside Journaling/Astrology Check In (Optional)

12:30pm-3:30pm: Free Time/Excursion

3:30-4:00pm: Afternoon Snacks & Chai

4:00pm - 5:30pm: Free Time/Workshop

5:30pm-6:30pm: Sunset Practice (Lunar/Yin)

7:00pm: Dinner


Bamboo Retreat is a luxury, beachside yoga & wellness destination. Nestled between the stunning shores of the Arabian Sea and the vibrant jungles of South Goa, Bamboo Retreat is designed to help you reconnect with nature. Enjoy the sunsets from your private balcony as you hang out in your hammock and fall asleep to the sounds of the waves. Wake up with the buzzing of the jungle and enjoy yoga practices looking out over the sea. This space has everything you need for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday by the beach. 

Located approximately 70 km south of Dabolim International Airport, Polem Beach is the southernmost beach in Goa. A secluded and mesmerising 700 m long stretch of sparkling, white sand beside glimmering blue ocean. It is a perfect place for those who want to escape Goa's more crowded, touristed areas while remaining just a short rickshaw ride from the vibrant towns of Patnem & Palolem, which offer a wide variety of restaurants, markets, shops, and nightlife. 

Goa is a unique part of India, with a strong Portuguese influence that has shaped its history. The state is known for is expanses of beautiful beaches and laid back fishing villages. This blend of European tourism and Indian roots make it the perfect place to dip your toes into Indian culture while also enjoying some familiar comforts. 

Choose between multiple accomodation options including luxurious private oceanfront cabana's with open air ensuite bathrooms, comfy queen-sized beds, and large glass doors opening onto private balconies with hammocks looking over the sea. Equally comfortable, more economical options include shared beachside huts with two twin beds, ensuite and partial ocean views. All rooms have air-con, fans, ensuite bathroom, private hammocks, and mosquito nets for sleeping. 



All pricing is in USD.


Save $150 on Share Rooms & $200 on Private Rooms

EB offer available until June 21 2024 

Huts include large comfortable bedrooms, modern ensuite bathrooms, A/C and ceiling fans, and balconies with hammocks available in the garden.
Brand new Cabanas feature large well-furnished bedrooms with spacious open air ensuite bathrooms, A/C and ceiling fans. They offer glass-fronted sliding doors opening onto large balconies with hammocks and seating area.


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Hayley is an experienced Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Feminine Embodiment Coach, and is currently studying to be a Somatic Therapist for Women. She has spent the last decade teaching yoga and facilitating Women's Circles, workshops, retreats and yoga teacher trainings around the world. After diving into the realm of feminine healing as part of her own journey, she has spent recent years focusing on helping women to step into their power. Using yoga, movement, and meditation as foundational practices, she is deeply passionate and committed to helping women connect with their wild, feminine nature.

Continuously engaged in learning, Hayley has completed further study in Advanced Vinyasa, Yin & Restorative Yoga, Feminine Embodiment Mentorship, Meditation Courses, Chinese Medicine & Tantra, and is currently studying with the Somatic Institute for Women in Trauma-Informed Somatic Therapy. Her offerings weave together all that she is learned from this diverse range of teachings, creating a powerful and transformative experience. 

"Hayley is one of the most instinctively creative people I have ever met, she is a weaver of energy; mind, body and spirit, through her words and her presence, she reminds us of the truth of who we are. Hayley invites all whom she meets to show up with their light and shine it into the world, breaking down walls and allowing it to brighten."
- Tennielle O'Callaghan,  Co-Founder  of "Healing Her" Functional Health Coaching


Bex is a professional astrologer specialising in feminine self-development astrology, helping women worldwide to align with their own potential by harnessing the power of cosmic energies. The aim is to use the stars and the lunar flow to tap into your highest vibrations, moving from being the passenger on this star-studded journey to being the driving force!

With a Virgo Sun and a Scorpio Moon, Bex has always followed her curiosity to delve into the magical depths of spirituality, delivering her findings in practical and proactive methods we can all use. She’s built her practices on the concept that ‘where attention goes, energy flows’ and has absolutely no doubt that we can all live the life we desire if we focus on being our best selves. 

She is the style astrologer for OK! online, and has contributed to Metro, Glamour, Marie Claire, Vogue India and many more media platforms. She has hosted live events at Soho House and festivals including Wilderness, Latitude, Lost Village, Magnetic Fields and Soul Circus.

Her unique style blends cosmic coaching with self-developmental astrology so that your birth chart becomes a celestial blueprint with which to navigate the journey ahead for maximum expansion and alignment. She focuses on helping you move through limiting beliefs, analyse your trigger points and wounds, and locate your star-given talents, delivering lifelong tools for using your natal chart to find your purpose. 


"I don’t know know where to start to be honest. I think I watched with my mouth half open most of the way through with just how accurate it all was! Bex covered so much, from my analytical mind, to my passion for travel, how to self soothe, grow, so much came up! It was so informative and detailed I was scribbling away taking notes trying not to miss anything, I’m so glad its recorded so I can re-watch it. The things she touched on that I haven’t pursued, they all resonated or are strong interests of mine, so this landed strongly and has given me food for thought and also comfort in my reading, that this could be a possibility for me.  Absolutely loved having my reading done by Bex, she is super talented." - Emma

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